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If it’s your first trip to Sydney, Australia, it can be pretty overwhelming when you try to choose the top-rated attractions near Sydney. Traveling around Sydney for many years as a passion and touring, we thought of share must-see attractions near Sydney in this article. From world heritage Blue Mountains to family-friendly outings, this is Sydney Private Tours guide to the top-rated attractions near Sydney.

Blue Mountains Region

A drive of 1.5 hours west of Sydney, you can reach to Blue Mountains rugged region. Undoubtedly, the most visited, most photographed, and top-rated tourist attraction near Sydney. Blue Mountains is famous for steep cliffs, mesmerizing lookouts, wine tasting, caves, native bird watching, and beautiful waterfalls. The main attraction of the region is the Three Sisters lookout and the GPS address of 31, Echo Point Rd, Katoomba will take you there. There are few articles in our blog repository about Blue Mountains that give in-depth information about the region. Hiking is one of our favorites weekend things and you can read more about the Blue Mountains hiking here –

Visit Leura is highly recommended whoever travel to Blue Mountains and we have covered things to do in Leura in another article –

Blue Mountains Sydney
Blue Mountains Sydney

Central Coast

A region features expansive beaches and a place popular among surfers. Beaches such as Avoca, Terrigal, and Macmaster are our choice due to family-friendly and other facilities such as free BBQ pits. Central Coast not only offers fantastic beaches but also the best wildlife parks near Sydney. Australian reptile park is a must-see attraction near Sydney if you are with kids. Kids will get the opportunity to get up close with some of the native Australian animals such as kangaroos and koalas.

Australian reptile park
Photo credits – Australian Reptile Park

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

A protected national park located just 30 drive towards northern beaches, Ku-ring-gai Chase national park should be on your bucket list of must-see attractions near Sydney. This national park encompasses a significant amount of Aboriginal rock engravings and some are only accessed by water. Elvina or the “emu-in-the-sky” aboriginal art site is the most visited in the area and located near West Head lookout. If you are planning to visit Ku-ring-gai, we want to remind you of the importance of valuing the local history.

Royal National Park

It is a protected national park and the second oldest national park after the Yellowstone National Park in Idaho, US. The park covers a variety of features. These include stunning beaches, bush walks, and hidden swimming holes that make Royal National Park is top-rated attraction near Sydney. Figure 8 is one of the popular swimming holes and we have covered all about this in our article “Day trip to Royal National Park”.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

“Sydney’ s coat hanger” is very popular among domestic and international travelers to Sydney, Australia. Opened in 1932, Sydney Harbour Bridge is the sixth-longest spanning-arch bridge of the world. This is a must-see attraction in Sydney and the best way to experience is by climbing the bridge. There are many bridge climbs options available if you want to test your fitness level. And a Sydney Harbour bridge climb will take from 1.5 to 3.5 hours based on how many stairs you wanted to climb.  

Sydney Bridge climb
Photo credits – Sydney Bridge climb

Sydney Opera House

A multi-venue performing art center located in the heart of Sydney and should be in your must-see attractions list. Opened in 1973, today Sydney Opera House is accommodating over 1.2 million people per year. These visitors are participating in numerous events.  The performing venues here include Concert Hall, Joan Sutherland Theatre, Drama Theatre, Playhouse, Studio, Ultzon Room, Recording Studio, and Outdoor Forecourt. Sydney Opera house is the best vantage point to watch NYE Sydney fireworks.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House ( Photo by Wiki)

Sydney Tower Eye

Located in Market Street, this Sydney attractions is one of the must-see attractions if you visit you Sydney. This 250 metres tall tower gives you unrivaled 360-degree views of the city and beyond. Open every day from 9 am to 9 pm, paying $29 for a flexible pass gives you the options of free entry again within 12 months period.  

Sydney Tower Eye
Photo credits – Sydney Tower Eye

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park

If you want to see native Australian wild animals and hand-feed kangaroos, Featherdale wildlife park should be in your bucket list of must-see attractions near Sydney. Featherdale wildlife park claims the biggest collection of native Australian wild animals’ comparative any other parks in Sydney. Not only hand feeding kangaroos, but you can also book a koala encounter at the park. The wildlife park opens daily from 8 am to 5 pm and only closes Christmas day.

Our article of Top Rated and Must-See Attractions near Sydney is over for now. However, there’s still so much of Sydney to explore. Head to  to discover more of the places we love to visit. And contact Sydney Top Tours to create an itinerary for you for a perfect Sydney day tour with a private guide.

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