Best Beaches near Sydney: Most beautiful beaches to dip in this summer


With Sydney or known as ‘the emerald city’ bringing in more than 10 million tourists each year making it the largest and one of the busiest cities in Australia offers a range of attractions to visit ranging from the Sydney opera house to the harbor bridge.

We, however, are focussing on the iconic beaches Sydney has to offer which are famous all around the world. There are well over 100 beaches in the city ranging in size, from a few meters to several kilometers located in the pacific ocean coastline and its harbors, bays, and rivers.

At Sydney Top Tours, we have compiled a list of the top beaches you should visit while traveling Sydney along with some added info on some history behind the beach, what to do there and how to get there The first one is :

Manly Beach

What is Manly beach famous for?

Named by Captain Arthur Philip who discovered Sydney back in 1788, it’s one of the most renowned beaches for surfing. Furthermore, it was also one of the first seaside resorts to allow daylight swimming and surfing back in 1903.

How to get there?

The public bus is one way of reaching Manly Beach with services operating across interchanges at Belgrave Street and the Western Esplanade.

Next is the Manly Ferry that operates from Circular Quay in the city which provides a 30-minute ferry ride to Manly Wharf. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be able to spot dolphins, seals or even humpback whales.

Fast ferries are option number 3 that is provided by Sydney fast ferries which depart from the main wharf every hour that provides an 18-minute journey to manly.

Finally, the last option would be the hop skip & jump bus that consist of mini-community busses that run on 3 routes, 7 days a week. The bus routes interchange at the Totem Shopping center in Condamine Street Balgowlah and run to Many from Monday to Friday.

What to do in Manly beach?

  • Surfing – What’s the point in visiting a tourist attraction known for its beach without igniting a little bit of adventure in you! Learn to surf !  With plenty of surf schools located all across the beach offering help as early as 1983, safe to say you are guaranteed to be taught by the very best to get introduced to the waves.
  • Wormhole – If you prefer a bit of isolation and away from bustling crowds you can just squeeze through the wormhole. This little tunnel was carved out by fisherman a century ago to link the north end of Manly beach with fresh water. This strip of the beach is recommended by locals actually as their favorite part of the beach, furthermore, it was here that surfing was first introduced to Australians in 1914 by a Hawaiian duke whose statue is erected close by!
  • Kayaking at Manly Dam – With this idyllic dam located at the back of the suburb shows that manly is not only famous for its beaches, as Manly Dam attracts many tourists both local and foreign to come fishing, swimming and also have picnics. However, the best way to experience it is in a kayak where you can explore this tranquil waterway at your own pace. You can easily rent one from the Manly Kayak center and on you go!
  • Take a dip in the Fairy Bower Sea Pool – With Sydney having ocean pools all across the beaches in the city, few are as unique as this one which is a rectangular shaped pool built by the local residents in 1912. It also features a pair of striking sculptures made by an artist that looks like a pair of dancers twirling above the water.

Safety information

On a serious note, we can end with all the safety measures manly takes place to make sure everyone is cautious of their surroundings and knows what to do if an emergency takes place. With lifeguards located at various spots across the beach, everyone is instructed to abide by the following rules

  • Swim between the red and yellow flags
  • Read all safety signs
  • Don’t swim alone
  • Get added safety advice from a lifeguard
  • If you need help always STAY CALM and attract attention by raising your arm over your head
  • Wear sunscreen, seek shade and stay hydrated
  • For any emergency dial triple zero (000) for the police

Manly also provided a variety of accessible services for the disabled which includes an inclusive playground, accessible showers, pools, and wheelchairs.


Always a big issue in congested areas and manly has 2 options. If you have a northern beaches parking permit you can park for free for 4 hours. Option 2 is parking along the beachfront with the use of a meter


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