Blue Mountains | A traveler’s guide to Blue Mountains day trip


Blue Mountains in Sydney is a top-rated tourist attraction in Australia. However, there are common questions pops into mind for an overseas tourist before arranging a day trip to Blue Mountains. Hence, we thought of answer those questions.

Where are the Blue Mountains?

Blue Mountains is 90 minutes west of Sydney and is full of natural sites to see and places to visit. They are home to many of Sydney’s tourist attractions including beautiful lookouts, bush walks, and waterfalls. If you are planning a trip to the area, make sure you make a full day of it and see as much as you can.
You have the option to visit this beautiful countryside via car or train on your own or you can book a Blue Mountains tour and have a private or group tour of the popular attractions.

Why are they called the Blue Mountains?

This is a very common question asked by many tourists and the answer is here. The mountain range is covered by Eucalypts (locally called Gum tree) trees. During the hot summer months, leaves of those trees discharge a fine mist of Eucalypts oil. With the reflection of light, it gives a hazed blue from the distance.

Blue Mountains attractions

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains are a very popular tourist attraction and for great reason. These are 3 large rocks that have formed and changed in look due to land erosion. They can be seen from a nearby lookout platform and are a sight that many travel hours to see. The Aboriginal Dreamtime stories that explain the meaning behind the three rocks and how they became The Three Sisters.

Blue Mountains Cable car

Whilst in Katoomba visiting the Echo point make sure that you make time to visit Scenic World and have a turn on the cable car. The trip down the blue mountains cable car takes you a deep 545m down into the Jamison Valley. Once at the bottom you have the option to come back up or embark on a 2km walk through the beautiful rainforest.

Wentworth Falls is another must see when visiting the Blue Mountains. Home to amazing waterfalls and bushwalking tracks that will keep you occupied for hours on end. There are walking tracks have been set up throughout the valleys. You can choose the tracks that suit your strength and time restraints accordingly.

Blue Mountain National Park

The Blue Mountains are home to a number of national parks. These can be accessed throughout the day equipped with BBQ equipment for lunches. Also, many play areas for the children and walking tracks to various locations. If you are taking a day trip from Sydney, why not turn left from Glenbrook to see kangaroos in the wild. You may have to pay the Blue Mountains national park entry fees at the gate to get into Euroka clearing. The national parks do close of an evening so make sure you pay attention to what time they close. Also, ensure you are back from your walk or packed up ready to leave before the gates close.

Jenolan Caves are a beautiful and majestic attraction and are very popular with tourists.  You can book a day tour from Sydney to Jenolan Caves or you can explore the caves on your own. The caves are full of stalactite-lined limestone chasms carved by underground rivers. They are a spectacular sight and many traveling distances to see them.

Blue Mountain Accommodation

There is so much to see in the Blue Mountains and if you have the option to stay overnight or even for a few nights it is definitely recommended. The Blue Mountains accommodation options are endless and whatever your budget may be, there is a place that can accommodate. There are plenty of camping grounds and caravan parks if you would like to stay close to nature. There are backpacking hostels and an array of hotels and motels for all budgets.

Whilst in the area you are more than likely to come across some native animals. Kangaroo’s, koalas and echidnas can be found relatively easy in the area and they flourish with the native plants and flowers.

Waterfalls, bushwalks, caves, and lookouts are just some of the amazing things you will see in the Blue Mountains. There is also plenty of heritage in the area and most of each of the small towns have an assortment of local shops. Those include the selling of local produce and locally made goods.

Where is your favourite place to visit in the Blue Mountains? 

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