The 10 Most Beautiful and Must-see Birds in Blue Mountains

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You may think the main attractions of Sydney are Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Did you know that this busy city and surroundings like the Blue Mountains have some of the world’s most beautiful birds? This is probably the reason that most travelers on a private guided day tour to Blue Mountains with Sydney Private Tours asked the questions of ‘Where can I see birds in Sydney? Or Where can I see a kookaburra in Sydney?’. Hence, we thought of put this list of ‘ Most Beautiful and Must-see Birds of Blue Mountains’.


From all cockatoo bird varieties, you can find in Australia, it is easy to spot 4 in the Blue Mountains area. And those are Sulphur-crested, Yellow-tailed Black, Galah and Gang-gang Cockatoos.

Sulphur-crested cockatoos

Sulphur-crested cockatoos are the most common bird among all and mostly you can spot these birds in inner suburbs in Sydney too. Whitewashed with a yellow crest is easy identification of this bird. Usually grows around 40 to 45 cm in length this noisy harsh squawking bird survives from eating insects and grains.

Sulphur-crested cockatoos
Sulphur-crested cockatoos (Photo credits NatureAustralia)

Gang-gang cockatoo

Gang-gang cockatoo is another common bird you can spot in the Blue Mountains area and usually the smallest among 3 types. Grow up to a length of 35cm, this bird easily identified by grey feathers and crested redhead.

  Gang-gang cockatoo
Gang-gang cockatoo (Photo by Trevor birding)

Yellow-tailed black cockatoo

Yellow-tailed Black cockatoo usually grows in the range of 55 to 60 cm and easily identifiable by black feathers with yellow-edged.

Yellow-tailed Black cockatoo
Yellow-tailed Black cockatoo (Image from eBird)


Both sexes are identically same, Galahs are another bird you can easily see near some of famous lookouts in Blue Mountains region. The deeper pink neck, grey tail, and wings are common identifications of a Galah.

Sydney bird watching
Galah (Image from eBird)

Laughing Kookaburra

If you hear, ‘koo-koo-ka-ka’ on your Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves trip from Sydney, that probably a laughing Kookaburra chuckling from the bush. Small lizards, worms, and insects are the common food sources of this native bird live in the Blue Mountains which usually grow up to 45cm in length. Off-white head, the dark brown and white-tipped tail are the common features to identify a laughing Kookaburra and surely you can spot this bird on a day trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains.

blue mountains birds
Laughing Kookaburra (Photo credits – NatureAustralia)

Superb Lyrebird

Credits to BBC

A very common native Australian bird that you can spot in the Blue Mountains region. Sexes are not similar to lyrebirds and the female is a darker brown than the male. Average grows around 90cm in length, male Lyrebird is easy to differentiate from the female due to lyre-shape tail. If you take the hike from Three Sisters to Gaint Staircase, look around and most probably you can spot a lyrebird.

blue mountains birds
Superb Lyrebird (Pinterest image)

Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Probably one of the largest Australian birds, a grown wedge-tailed eagle usually get closer to 1 metre in length and over 2 meters when they span their wings. Hunting a wallaby or a rabbit is easy for this brown-toned colour bird that can usually spot in the upper Blue Mountains region if you are on a day trip to Blue Mountains.

Sydney wildlife tours
Wedge-tailed Eagle (photo by NACC)

Crimson Rosella

Probably the most beautiful bird you can see in a Blue Mountains tour is the Crimson Rosella. The blue and black wings, blue tail, and bright crimson body are some features to easy identification of this bird that belongs to parrot native. Their food pattern includes seed and insects and eucalyptus blossoms.

Our article of must-see birds in the Blue Mountains is over now, perhaps you want to book a private tour from Sydney Blue Mountains to spot these beautiful birds? Head to the Sydney Top Tours page and book your favorite Sydney private day tour. We also offer Blue Mountains sunset tours for those who like to Three Sisters during the sunset.

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