A guide to choosing the best Blue Mountains hikes & bush walks


Blue Mountains, the most visited destination by Sydney travelers. But how many of them actually see the hidden beauty of it? You may have seen the famous Three Sister, but did you know that Blue Mountains is full of beautiful hikes and bush walks? There are so many Blue Mountains hikes to consider based on your skills and physical ability. It’s not only the hiking experience, but you may also able to dip in the water or do abseiling.  On a hike to Blue Mountains, you have to consider how long you can spend and the travel gear you have. We have nailed down some of the hikes for your next visit and categorized them to hiking grade, time for a full circuit, and trek distance. Sydney Top Tours as a leading Blue Mountains Private tour operator below is Sydney Top Tours bucket list if you are planning a BM busk walk.

What are the best bushwalks and hikes at Blue Mountains?

Easy bushwalks

Scenic walkway

The easiest track among all Blue Mountains hikes. This track represents the coal mining history had in the Blue Mountains used by miners to transport coal.  This track located in the Scenic World and need to buy a day pass to enter the track. Anyone on this hike couldn’t miss a mimic from a Lyrebird. This Blue Mountains hike can be categorized as easy and can complete between 15 to 20 mins. scenic walkway

Moderately challenging Blue Mountains bush walks

Leura cascades fern bower hike

Fern Bower circuit is a 4.5 km return loop start from Leura cascades and takes over 3 hours to complete the full circuit. The track can be grade between easy to medium difficulty level and a perfect way to explore Blue Mountains. The track faces the lush Jamison valley and gives impressive jaw-dropping sights. This moderately challenging track gives access to the Echo point towards the Katoomba end. One of the highlights you shouldn’t miss in this track is to take an instagramable worthy photo of the Bridal Veil Falls. Look into the bush and see if you can spot a Wompa pigeon also a highlight in this hike. All of our (Sydney Top Tours) Blue Mountains sunset tours included with a Leura or a Katoomba cascade bushwalk.

Leura Cascade

Great round walk Blue Mountains hike

The one best Blue Mountains hikes we have seen so far and suits many travelers. A track combines with few adventures starts at the bottom of the Giant stairways. A right turn from the Giant stairs gives you access to the Great Round Walk. The track connects to the Federal Pass and an exhibition of flora and fauna you can find in Blue Mountains rainforest. A full loop is over 6km of this hike and may tack up to 2.5 hours for the full completion.

Clifftop walking track

Another moderately challenging bush walk located in Blackheath. The trek starts from Govetts Leap lookout and takes along the way to Evans lookout. Hikers on this trek can see the jaw-dropping Grose valley and a paradise for native birdwatching. Some of the highlights of this Blue Mountains hike include Barrow lookout, spot yellow-tailed black cockatoos and king parrots.  The return loop is over 6km and will take good 3.5hours.

Challenging hikes at Blue Mountains

National pass, Wentworth Falls

It’s a serious commitment to take the National pass hike at the Blue Mountains and not for faint hatred first-time hikers. Truly challenging yet adventurous trek build into the side of a cliff. 1900 built National pass trek offer inspiring views of the Jamison alley and Wentworth falls. Any hiker won’t forget to take an instagramable worthy snap of Queen Victoria lookout on this Blue Mountains hike. A return loop of the National pass trek is around 5.4 km and usually takes over 2.5hurs to complete if you are in good shape.

Blue Mountains bush walks

Six Foot track ( overnight hikes Blue Mountains)

Definitely, the hardest bushwalk you could find in the Blue Mountains area, and it’s an overnight hike in Blue Mountains. A trek absolutely suitable for seasoned hikers and the completion of it takes over three to four days. This 45km hike needs full preparation with all camping gear to stay over 2 to 3 nights. The trek starts at Katoomba and goes all the way to Jenolan caves. This iconic Blue Mountains hike is a horse track used during 1884 to travel between Katoomba to Jenolan caves when no modern transportation exists. There are some dedicated camper grounds alongside the trek and those are Old ford reserve, Cox’s river, Allum creek, and Black range. Some of the highlights of the trek which you shouldn’t be missing are Boonie Doon falls, and Bowtells swing bridge.

Bowtells Swing Bridge

Safety tips for bushwalk and hikes

We advise you to take the extra mile towards your personal safety when selecting any of these Blue Mountains bushwalks and hikes, we mentioned here. We have advised the difficulty level of the track, distance, and time it will take to complete the full circuit. However, the difficulty level may change based on personal circumstances. Any trek categorized under moderate to hard need to use appropriate hiking gears. These could be hiking boots, a backpack, or a hydration bladder. Don’t forget to take a sunscreen good SPF rating and wear sun-protective clothing during summer. Lastly, we advise you to check NSW national park alerts for any updates about these tracks before you head out.

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