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Blue mountains tour

Planning a perfect Blue Mountains Tour from Sydney? (Read these travel tips first!)

There are so many Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney. Hence, how can you choose the best for your style of travel? This article discusses some of the factors to help you discover the best Blue Mountains tour suits your travel style.

Blue Mountains tours selection criteria

  • What are the must-see attractions or things to do in Blue Mountains?
  • The best price of a Blue Mountains tour
  • Kids friendly areas or activities if you travel as a family
  • Katoomba weather conditions
  • Travel tips for

mmm… it’s a long list to tick of before you travel? Isn’t it? But yes, its all depends on what sort of traveler are you? A SOLO traveler may neglect kids friendly activities and seek more adventures activities. Vice versa, a premium traveler may seek to customize experience at own pace with the care of a private guide. Firstly, we will see why Blue Mountains is so popular among travelers.

Why you must choose a Blue Mountains tour?

The Blue Mountains is the most popular attraction among travelers to Sydney and almost every travel article has a mention of Blue Mountains. Therefore, what makes Blue Mountains Sydney so popular among travelers?

  • Just 90 mins from Sydney by means of a vehicle, the Blue Mountains has a number of Sydney’s amazing natural points of interest. With dramatic perspectives over the deep valley troughs gouged out over thousands and thousands of years, the lookouts at Wentworth Falls, Govetts leap and Echo point are extraordinary.
  • The Blue Mountains’ many bushwalks include clean strolls to longer walks which lead from the clifftops into the depths of the valleys. The Six Foot Track is a greater hard 3-day stroll along the old coach road among Katoomba and Jenolan Caves. In addition, you can additionally enjoy many mountain bike trails.
Echo Point Blue Mountains

What is the best transport mode to the Blue Mountains from Sydney?

While it’s miles feasible to discover the mountains with the aid of public transport it isn’t always the quality alternative for all of us, for some guests organized tours are the best preference.

Blue Mountains Tour deals

Most travelers on A32 route to Katoomba, usually cover few other attractions either after the Echo point or before it. Below are few of options offered by many tour operators as Blue Mountains tour combo deals.

Blue Mountains and Featherdale tour

One of the popular trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney. Usual day trip covers Echo point, Cultural show, Scenic World, and Featherdale wildlife park.

Blue Mountains and Jenolan caves tour

This tour is not in the bucket list for most of the travelers due to the time restrictions. Secondly, the physical fitness required to explore Jenolan caves. Sydney to Jenolan caves usually takes over 3 hours and most of the tours leave Sydney at 7 am to cover many attractions as they can.

Blue Mountains Glow worm tours

You will find a handful of private Sydney tour operators only covers this combination. The glow worm tunnel at the Newnes plateau is the best place to see glow worms. If you are not using a seasoned tour driver, we advise checking the National Park website before you drive.

What types of Blue Mountains day tours are available?

There are various types of tours departure from Sydney to Blue Mountains. The selection of the tour depends on mainly budget and your travel style. You can find large bus tours which carry 50 to 60 travelers on board and limiting exploring the natural beauty of Blue Mountains. These cookie-cutter tours don’t offer much if you want to see the real Blue Mountains. Small group tours are one of the choices, however, yet you stuck with an itinerary and don’t allow you to enjoy the hidden beauty of Blue Mountain lookouts such as Pulpit. The best choice to see the Blue Mountains is to select a private tour which leaves from Sydney. However, private tours come with at a cost.  

What are the available Blue Mountains tour deals and prices?

Cheap Blue Mountains tours

A train ride from Sydney to Katoomba and 15 mins walk to the Echo point and Leura hike may be the cheapest way to explore Blue Mountains area if you are a budget traveler. Roughly with AUD 20, you can add the Blue Mountains to your bucket list. However, this will limit your chances of exploring hidden gems of Blue Mountains such as Govetts Leap lookout.

Blue Mountains tour bus

Usually, a bus tour cost around 80 to 100 AUD per person from Sydney. But again, you have to stick with a chosen itinerary from a touring company and want to be the option if you want to see the real Blue Mountains. Especially, if you are a family and travel with kids and need quick stopovers to change nappies and feed. Moreover, these large busses won’t reach must-see Blue Mountains attractions due to the size of the bus.

Small group Blue Mountains tour from Sydney price

One of the choices available for travelers to Blue Mountains. Sometimes, the way they advertise tempt to instant purchase. Still, it’s a group and you have to share the vehicle with many others and tour operates with a chosen itinerary. So, less flexible if you want to explore Blue Mountains area in your own way.  Yet, these tours charge 200 to 250 AUD per person and usually travel in 24 to 26-seater minibusses.

Blue Mountains Tour

Private Blue Mountains Tour from Sydney price

Not the best choice of many travelers due to the cost. However, hiring a private guide from Sydney to the Blue Mountains will allow you to explore the area your own pace. A Blue Mountains private tour cost around 700 AUD per tour basis and usually accommodate up to 12 passengers due to the small size of private vehicles.

What are the best Blue Mountains attractions to see in a day tour?

Lower region

Red hand cave

Red Hand cave in Blue Mountains National Park is one of the nice showcases of Aboriginal rock art. The area is also one of the perfect spots for birdwatching and located close to Glenbrook.

Red Hands Cave

Wild kangaroos

Spotting wild kangaroos should be a must in a Blue Mountains tour itinerary. These animals are the world’s biggest marsupials and might weigh 90kg and develop 2 metres tall.

Upper region

Three Sisters at Echo point

Take a day tour to well-known Echo Point lookout in Katoomba for beautiful views of the Jamison Valley and the enduring three Sisters.

Sydney Private Tours

Pulpit Rock lookout

Pulpit Rock lookout gives mountain cycling, picnicking and scenic views across Grose Valley, taking in Blue Gum forest and Govetts leap in Blue Mountains countrywide Park.

Wentworth falls

Elevated nearly 860 metres above sea level and another must see stop in a Blue Mountains tour from Sydney. Breakfast point lookout, Princess rock lookout and Rocket point lookouts are popular among adventure travelers to Wentworth fall but may not suit for most of the travelers due to uneven steps.

Katoomba cascade

Popular with locals and visitors alike, those picturesque cascades are at the Kedumba River. The cascades are nestled in the bend on Cliff power, near Katoomba park. There are stepping stones across the creek at the lowest of the falls and a bench seat in the color. There are a few small clearings where you can enjoy a picnic while on Blue Mountains day trip.

Leura cascade

A hike to Leura cascade via Fern Bower circuit is moderately challenging and not the best choice for most of the travelers on a Blue Mountains tour. Solo and adventure seekers won’t skip this hike due to its impressive cliff line and gorgeous scenic views.

Megalong valley

Megalong Valley is absolutely magic. Whilst the view from the Hydro Majestic lodge at Medlow bath is breathtaking, a power down into the valley itself is an unforgettable revel in.

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Travel tips

  • Accessible toilets – Due to the popularity, you will find public toilets almost near to many attractions such as at Echo point. However, you may have to wait in a toilet queue with frustration especially during the high seasons like December school holidays. So, try to avoid those toilets near the main attraction sites.
  • Picnic area – there are many picnic areas located at Blue Mountains Katoomba. Some of the popular picnic areas are located in Leura cascade, Boars head lookout, and Wentworth Falls.
  • Great hikes – Katoomba and Leura are the most popular hikes and must do in a Blue Mountains Tour. However, if you are new to hiking and you will end up pushing your body to new limits with challenging tracks at Fern Bower Leura.
  • Travel gear – Always recommend to check Blue Mountains weather before you go on a Blue Mountains tour from Sydney. The temperature during the summer may rise over 35 degrees and winter may be freezing in Katoomba and usually, you will see snow near Blackheath.

Blue Mountains trip itinerary suits for your travel style

Luxury and photographers

These are the type of travelers seeking unique experience and want to take mind blogging pictures. A niche segment and can be called Instagram traveler too. A private tour to Blue Mountains with an expert guide would be the best option for this segment. Recommended tour itinerary would be spot wild kangaroos and national park, Leura cascade, Wentworth falls, Pulpit lookout, Lincolns rock, Three Sisters and Megalong Valley.

Backpackers and adventure seekers

A traveler prefers independence and travel on a low budget. Highly suggest taking a train from Sydney central towards Katoomba. You can check the train schedule via Opal app. Get off from Katoomba and catch a Blue Mountains Explorer Bus. An adult pass cost AUD 55 and it will help you to commute most of must see attractions such as Scenic World, Katoomba cascade, etc.

Budget travelers

A traveler with a tight budget but want to explore favorite destinations. A bus or a coach tour to Blue Mountains from Sydney is the best suits for this style of travel. An itinerary of this kind of tour usually covers Three Sisters, Scenic World, and Featherdale wildlife park.

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Blue Mountains Tours

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