Blue Mountains Tour from Sydney: Tips from a local guide for a best trip


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Everyone’s itinerary in Sydney has to have a Blue Mountains day tour from Sydney. Here, we will see the heritage value of the Blue Mountains and why it should be one of your things to do in Sydney. Get tips from a local guide to enjoy the best Blue Mountains Tour.

Why should Blue Mountains tour be in your bucket list if you visit Sydney, Australia? – Blue Mountains tour from Sydney

Blue Mountains is the most visited place by tourists to Sydney Australia. There are many reasons you should add the Blue Mountains tour from Sydney to your day trips from Sydney bucket list if you visit the land down under. 

Here is why!

Blue Mountains is a world heritage site listed by UNESCO in 2000. The Blue Mountains is an area that is beautifully contrasting to the rest of Australia’s nature. The entire area includes ten national parks where you get to enjoy the native Australian animals at their best.

The region also has dense forests and sandstone cliffs to add more color to it. The cascades of mesmerizing waterfalls add just the right sound of nature to the already existing beauty in the whole area. You can enjoy the evening at the fantastic cafes and cute shops that oversee the mountain range. And with approximately 2 hours from Sydney by road via M1 and A32, you cannot afford to miss seeing the tremendous Blue Mountains. No visit to Sydney is complete until you visit the Blue Mountains.

What are the must-see Blue Mountains attractions?

Three Sisters lookout in Katoomba

Part of the Blue Mountains area is the Three Sisters rock formation, which you MUST see when you visit the city. It is a spectacular landmark in the region, and one should experience it at least once in a lifetime. According to the Aboriginal legend, the three unusual rock formations represent the three sisters that turned into stone. The structure illuminates till about 11 in the night and brings the most mesmerizing set against the night sky. Standing proudly at the Echo Point Katoomba, the rocks are 922, 918, and 906 meters tall that makes it over 3000 feet above sea level!

Three Sisters Blue Mountains
Three Sisters Blue Mountains

These three sandstone peaks that had formed themselves over hundreds of years of erosion are picture-worthy and truly breathtaking. Whatever the legends have to say, the real beauty is its changing colors and shades as sunlight hits them. Here’s a tip for you: you can take the best selfie with the Three Sisters at the back from the queen Elizabeth platform.

Take a ride at Scenic World 

Scenic World is located in the Blue Mountains in the west of Sydney; Scenic World is the most popular tourist attractions on a day trip to Blue Mountains after Three sisters. You can experience four great categories at Scenic World: The Scenic Railway, The Scenic Cableway, The Scenic Skyway, and the Scenic Walkway. Scenic World is a fantastic place to visit and enjoy a day full of adventure, nature, and fun with the entire family. Furthermore: Scenic World in the Blue Mountains nestles in the town of Katoomba. Scenic World is for those who like outdoor vibrant activities and thrills while enjoying nature. The best advice or tip when visiting Scenic World is to avoid School Holidays and School Crowds as it can get busy. But if you wish to go during a school holiday, it is advisable that you purchase early bird tickets online.

Video credits to Scenic World

Bushwalk to Katoomba Cascade

Katoomba Falls Park in the Blue Mountains leads to the mind-blowing Katoomba Cascade. It is a short bush walk from the park on Cliff Drive. The bushwalk towards Katoomba Cascade is a walk that depicts the true nature of the area. There are a few spots to enjoy a snack and wet your face and feet on a hot day. There are plenty of shady places where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the Katoomba Cascades. The waterfall is a real miracle of nature with the splashing of water at the base. The few benches close to is great to sit, enjoy the sweeping view while having a snack and drink.

Katoomba Cascade
Katoomba Cascade

Here is a tip for you when you visit Katoomba Cascade; you can take selfies with Katoomba’s most beautiful waterfall in the background at the base of the cascade. It is also a place where you can relax after an adventurous series of events in the Blue Mountains.

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is an amazingly spectacular town nestling within the Blue Mountains. The bushwalk to Wentworth Falls offers the best scenic views along the way. The Wentworth Waterfall is famous as one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. The famous Jamison Creek drops down to a large pool, making it an iconic place to visit. From there, the waterfalls down to the Valley of the Waters like a scene in a fairytale. It is one of the most mind-relaxing places in Australia.

While boasting of all the good things about the cascade of water, there are plenty of other things you can do in the small town of Wentworth Falls. The cute, impressive coffee shops and stores offer plenty of snacks and beverages for visitors to enjoy. Here is a tip about Wentworth Falls; you should have the physical fitness to cover the entire loop walk if you are considering Wentworth Falls in your itinerary.

Optional things to add to your Blue Mountains tour bucket list?

A quick stop at Lincoln’s lookout

In 2013, Lincoln’s Lookout was named as the Lincoln’s Rock officially. People call Lincoln’s Lookout from different names such as Flat Rock and Wedding Rock. It is a huge flat rock, and many wedding couples come here to take photographs because of the picturesque background. The legendary Australian mountaineer Lincoln Hall used to live in Wentworth Falls, and hence the Lookout is now named after him. With encompassing views of the Jamison Valley, Lincoln’s Lookout is where you can take an impressive optical-illusion picture because it looks like you are standing at the edge of a cliff. In essence, you are, but there is a safe ledge below that stops you from falling. It is a top place to have a picnic lunch on a beautiful day. Here is a tip to see a cave on the way to Lincoln’s Lookout; walk via the left-hand track.

Drive to Jenolan caves

Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves day tour includes a day full of breathtaking views and landmarks. In Australia, Jenolan Caves are the largest, oldest, most popular, and most spectacular caves. You can experience the world’s oldest outstanding cave system at Jenolan Caves. Jenolan Caves lie on the west Blue Mountains region with remarkable limestone formations and breathtaking underground rivers. There are clandestine activities and bushwalks, depending on your fitness level. Jenolan Caves are an award-winning cave system that encompasses the true beauty of underground nature and is the best getaway for families, singles, and romantics. In the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, the Jenolan Caves remain 15 degrees all year round, making it the best place to take a stroll. Here is a tip when visiting Jenolan Caves; leave early from Sydney as it takes about 2.5 hours to reach Jenolan Caves.

Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves day tour from Sydney
Lucas cave

Wine tasting at Megalong Valley winery

Take a Blue Mountains and winery tour and enjoy a fantastic Blue Mountains tour with wine tasting. If you have already gone on a Hunter Valley wine tour from Sydney, Megalong wineries are not even a fraction of it. However, these two small cellar doors up to their purpose. The Megalong Creek Estate and Dryridge Estate are some of the finest wineries in the area. Nestling in the Blue Mountains with sandstones surrounding them mightily, a wine tasting tour can give you a rich experience that you will never forget. These estates grow grapes and hand-pick them to make the most exceptional wine. You can enjoy the Single Vineyard wine while inhaling the beautiful view that surrounds the valley.

Blue Mountains tour from Sydney with wine tasting
Megalong valley

There are numerous options to go ahead, such as dry, red, white, etc. For those who like to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine, you can enjoy a tour in the Blue Mountains and relish wine tasting to top the cherry. Wineries are open only on weekends, and you should visit on a weekend if you are keen on wine tasting.

Visit Featherdale wildlife park

Featherdale Wildlife Park is for all animal lovers who love a one-to-one encounter with the fantastic wildlife in Australia. It is home to the world’s most significant Australian Wildlife and accommodates more than 260 species that are native to Australia. You can easily spot the Australian Koala Bear and hand-feed Kangaroos when you are there. Enjoy a few hours in the most fantastic wildlife park on the way to the world heritage site – Blue Mountains. You can take public transport if you easily if you do not have your own car. Here is a tip for you to visit Featherdale Wildlife Park. You have to avoid 8.30 am to 9.30 am, and 3.45 pm to 4.30 pm as these are the rush hours.

Kangaroo hand feeding
Kangaroo hand feeding

Spot wild kangaroos at Euroka camper ground

Snuggled in the Nepean Valley of the Blue Mountains, Euroka Campground is an untouched and unaltered eucalypt forest. It is a fantastic picnic and camping site with the ability to see Blue Mountains wildlife at a close range. You can enjoy wild kangaroos native to Australia in this region.

Euroka campground is popular for Eastern Grey Kangaroos. While it is a walk towards the campsite, it is a blissful experience for those who love nature. People from all over the planet come to Australia to see kangaroos. It is one of the best ways that signifies the wildlife in Australia. You can have a close look at them and take the best pictures of this wildlife sanctuary. Here is a tip to enjoy the most out of Euroka Campground; cross the Euroka creek and get to grassland on foot to enjoy nature while you are at it.

Pulpit rock

Pulpit Rock lookout lies in the Blackheath area of the Blue Mountains. If you have an adrenaline head with fixation to see heights, Pulpit Rock near Blackheath in the Blue Mountains is ideal for you. It is a multi-tiered blade rock that stands dramatically above the majestic Gross Valley. You can unpack the picnic basket and enjoy lunch on this remote apex. From your primary position on Pulpit Rock, you will be able to get a 360 – degree panoramic view of the nearby mountains and valleys. This isolated pinnacle is for hikers and the daring ones.

Pulpit Rock Blue Mountains
Pulpit Rock Blue Mountains

You can enjoy the breeze that emanates from the mountains that give you a real thrill of being out in nature. Here is a quick tip to getting to Pulpit Rock lookout; it is advisable to use an SUV to get to Pupil Rock as the road is quite rocky.

Our suggestion on Blue Mountains sunset tour

The Blue Mountains is a world heritage site that has won the heart of everyone who has ever visited the place. But since it is a place everyone wants to visit; you might catch the crowds when you visit the Blue Mountains. An entire day spent in the Blue Mountains region with numerous activities can get you through crowded times. Therefore, here are some of our suggestions that may be helpful to you.

  • Avoid the crowd by organizing a sunset tour to the Blue Mountains.
  • Sunsets are most beautiful to watch from the Blue Mountains. Hence, you can arrange a Blue Mountains Sunset tour to enjoy an even full of crimson and fierce colors.
  • Do not forget to take your camera with a panoramic lens (or a smartphone) with you. The Blue Mountains is heaven on earth.
  • You can use public transport to get to the Blue Mountains, but getting to Sydney after dawn will be challenging due to the low frequency of trains.

Suggested ways to visit Blue Mountains day trip 

There are several ways to visit the Blue Mountains and spend a day with nature. Here are some of Sydney tours to Blue Mountains and private Blue Mountains tours to choose from. The kind of tour you choose depends on what you want to do during the days and how you want to travel.

You can use public transport and catch a train from Sydney to Katoomba

The best time to travel by train is the off-peak time, and ticket prices vary, depending on the time. If you choose a train before 7 am or after 9 am, it costs you $6.08 a ticket. During peak hours, the ticket price is $8.69. The return peak runs between 4 pm and 6.30 pm.

You can also opt for big coach tours from Sydney to the Blue Mountains

These big busses accommodate about 50 to 60 travelers on one bus. Depending on the kind of coach you select, the prices can vary from $55 to $99 for the whole tour. Considering everything, it is a cheap way to get to the Blue Mountains, but you will not be able to alter, change, and customize the tour as there are many people.

Booking a private Blue Mountains tour is the best way to explore the excellent Mountain range as it can help you customize your tour

A local guide will be able to find you the best spots to take pictures, have food, and explore nature. Even though it is a little expensive compared to other ways, it can get you the best experience of visiting the Blue Mountains.

It is possible to hire a car and self-drive to the Blue Mountains

But when you do, you have to be mindful that Australia has a right-hand driving style. Alpha Car hire, Thrifty Car Rental, Sydney CBD are some of the car rental companies from which you can hire a car.

Check the weather in the Blue Mountains tour from Sydney before you go

Here is our final tip before you head to the Blue Mountains tour from Sydney. Check the weather before you go! It is as simple as that. No use in spending so much time and money only to find out the view is blurry in the Blue Mountains. Summer is usually good because all activities will be available in all the areas, and the breathtaking view from the many pinnacles and lookouts will be as clear as possible.