Amazing caves near Sydney you need to Explore


New South Wales, in particular, Sydney is blessed with an extensive network of amazing limestone caves. Sydney is popular with its monumental structures such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. And the Blue Mountains as one of the best rock formations in the world. And a popular sightseeing site. Hunter Valley is popular among wine lovers. But there are many attractions near Sydney that many might not know about to arrange a day tour. Something a little under the surface: its caves. These are some of the amazing caves near Sydney you need to explore at least once in life. A couple of hour drive away from Sydney, you can see the world’s greatest limestone formations. These caves are older than a few hundred million years. In our view, below are the must-see caves near Sydney on your next trip to Sydney.

Jenolan Caves

How do you get to Jenolan Caves from Sydney?

It is nearly 2.5 drive towards the west of Sydney via M4 and A32 to Jenolan caves. If you are planning a tour to the Jenolan caves, you should be aware that the access road closes from 11.45 am to 1.15 pm for departing vehicles from the caves. Secondly, the road is slippery and during the winter months, you will find frosty conditions. For GPS, use this address – 4655 Jenolan Caves Rd, Jenolan NSW 2790.

By public transport

Get the Blue Mountains Line from Sydney Central station to Katoomba. Usually takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then, catch a CDC bus from Katoomba to Jenolan caves which leave at 10.30 am.


Enter to the M4 that leads to Blue Mountains and the A32. After driving 40 minutes from Blue Mountains, you will see the Jenolan caves road after Hartley Historic Village. A usually drive can take up to 2 hours and 30 minutes depends on the traffic.

Guided day tours

the best option you have of you do not want to take the hassle of driving and relax. You can book a Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves tour here.

Which is the best cave to see at Jenolan Caves?

Jenolan caves offer a number of guided cave tours that suit your physical fitness, time, and interest. The cave complex consists of Mammoth cave, Temple of Baal, Chifley, Diamond, Ribbon, Imperial, Orient, Lucas, River cave, and Plughole caves. However, our favorites are the River cave and Lucas caves that add adventure. If you happen to visit Jenolan caves, not to forget to stop by the site of the cottage to spot Eastern Gray kangaroos.

Guide cave tours, times and prices

The duration of guided cave tours changes based on the length and the difficulty of the track. Some guided tours such as Lucas take up to 1.5 hours. And River cave can take up to over 2 hours to complete. Usually, an adult ticket ranges from 40 to 55 Australian dollars.

Abercrombie Caves

How to get to there

Abercrombie is another cave system near Sydney situated further to Jenolan caves. And a drive from Sydney takes approximately 3.5 hours to reach to Abercrombie caves. Oberon, where the closest town to Abercrombie caves is another local area popular among campers.  If you are planning a trip to Abercrombie caves beware that the reserve is closed from 4 pm Monday to 9 am Thursday for activities.

Must see caves of the world
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Main attraction

Abercrombie is famous for the Archway cave. It’s the largest natural arch in the southern hemisphere.

Guide cave tour times and prices

Usually, a cave tour can take up to one hour to complete and contact Oberon Visitor info Centre via (02) 6329 8210 to arrange a guided cave tour.

Wombeyan Caves

How to get there

A trip to Wombeyan cave from Sydney can take up to three hours. Situated in the south of Sydney, use Hume Motorway and M31 followed by Wombeyan caves road to get there.  

Main attractions

Wombeyan is a complex of a number of small cave systems. Some of the popular small cave systems are Figtree, Wollondilly, Junction, Kooringa, and Mulwaree.

Guide cave tour times and prices

Not like Jenolan, Wombeyan doesn’t have a high frequency of guided cave tours. Mostly, you will find one guided cave tour per day. Hence, need perfect planning before the cave visit. The best way to see this amazing cave is to buy an explorer pass. This pass allows you to take a self-guided Fig tree cave and enjoy 2 guided cave tours and the cost is 44 Australian dollars per Adult.

Caves Near Sydney
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Glow worm tunnel

Situated in Wollemi National park Blue Mountains, this is an abandoned railway tunnel constructed for oil shale works in early 1900. Due to the abundance, now it is taken over by glow worms. And created an amazing cave and must-see attraction if you are in Sydney. Getting to the Glowworm tunnel is tricky. Lithgow is the closest city and Inch street to Atkinson street is the access route this cave system. However, we highly recommend checking the live updates from NationalParks.NSW as due road tends to close for several weather conditions.  

Guided Sydney Glow worm tunnel tours

If you are not familiar with the local weather conditions, it is always better to contact an experienced adventure tour operator in Sydney to arrange your Glowworm tunnel expedition.  

Baiame Cave

If you are planning a Hunter Valley wine tour from Sydney, Baiame Cave is not to avoid. Located near Hunter Valley wine country, the site is significant for Aboriginal history. The main figure depicted in the cave believed to be Baiame – The person who has created the law for aboriginal culture.

Best Caves near Sydney
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How to visit Baiame Cave?


Use the M1 from Sydney until you enter to the Hunte expressway roundabout. The drive via M15, A15, and 884 (Mitchell Rd) to visit the Baiame Cave.

Guided tours

If you are taking a Hunter Valley wine tour from Sydney, you can ask the tour operator to include this in your itinerary if time permits.   

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