Most beautiful beaches in Central Coast, NSW


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If you are planning a day trip or weekend getaway and looking for some great beaches, a day out to the Central Coast is always a winner. Sydney has a number of best beaches in the world and the Central Coast is the most fantastic one among all. So, why are you waiting? Grab your buckets and spades, we’re going to the beach! Summer in Sydney isn’t great without a trip to the beach. And, central coast beaches, NSW has plenty to offer. Whether you like to sunbathe or run with your dog, here are the most beautiful beaches you can find on Central Coast, NSW. So, grab your picnic and sun cream and head to the coast — it’s not all pebbles!

Our Favourite List of Best Central Coast Beaches

Avoca beach

This is our best pick of all Central Coast beaches. Avoca offers something for every member of the family, we meant it’s a dog-friendly beach too. Avoca means “where the river meets the sea” in Irish located 95 kilometers north of Sydney. It’s easy to access via the M1 motorway. A drive from Sydney usually takes closer to 1 hour. If you don’t drive and don’t own a car, the best option is to catch a train from Central station to Gosford.

There are many things to do in Avoca Beach and kayaking and surfing stand out prominently. At the end of the golden sand stipe of nearly 2 km, there is a rock pool that adds more variety to your central coast day trip. As we said earlier, a section of Avoca beach is one of the dog’s friendly beaches you can find on the central coast, NSW. Look for signs after the lagoon for the dog-friendly section where you can have dogs off-leash. However, we advise checking the “off-lease” rules before you let your pups off. And you can check the rules from the central coast council website.  

Terrigal beach in Central Coast, NSW

Arguably our second choice of the best beaches in Central Coast, NSW is Terrigal. The name Terrigal stands for “place of little birds” by indigenous language located 12 kilometers east of Gosford. Terrigal also ticks all the boxes when it comes to family friendly beach holiday or day tour. Even though it is popular among surfers and fishers, there are spots for BBQ. For fishers, it’s a spot to find flathead, snapper, and jewfish. You will see lifesavers patrol around the beach strip that’s adds an extra bit of safety when you out there with family. However, it’s the responsibility of mom and dad to take care of their little ones before they seek outside help.

central coast dog friendly beaches

Terrigal beach in Central Coast, NSW has a section dedicated for off-leash adventures and you can let your pup catch the waves on his own. However, please make sure you pay attention to council signs of off-leash rules.

Any traveler to Terrigal never ignores the factor to walk to the Skillion lookout on Broken Head. One of the best photographic spots on the central coast, NSW and you can capture a panoramic sweeping view of the ocean vistas.

Macmasters beach in Central Coast, NSW

Located on the south-eastern suburb of the Bouddi Peninsula and another one of the best beaches on central coast, NSW. The unspoiled sand strip wide over 1.4 kilometers and one end linked to the famous Copacabana Beach. Even though the Macmasters beach beautiful as Avoca and Terrigal, we do not recommend this for families with kids. At the Copacabana, waves reach around 1.5 m and it decreases to 1m at Macmasters. There are some precautions taken by Central Coast lifeguards such as demarcations by flags and regular patrols during weekdays.  

The rock pool in the Macmasters beach is the only option if you want to take your family here. Kids will enjoy the rock pool as it’s not so deeper and with kids to this beach. The 17 m long pool not so deep and the wall act as a safety net from high rising waves.

So, why are you waiting to try one of these beautiful beaches in Central Coast, NSW?

Safety tips to consider  

Beach hazard signs
  • Check “” for live updates in terms of SurfLife Patrolling info.
  • Check off-leash rules from “” before you let off your pup in Central Coast beaches.
  • Familiarise yourself with hazard signs before you head out to the beach. Some of the prominent signs to look are large unexpected waves, sharks, and gutters.

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