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Sydney is an adventure playground! I could spend weeks in Sydney because there are so many things you can do here. A change of scenery is sometimes all we needed. And luckily, there are so many beautiful areas outside of Sydney that you can explore on your day trips from Sydney.

Sydney is my favorite city in the world. Why? There are so many mesmerizing and fantastic food and coffee scenes here, to begin with. In Sydney, you’ll get chilled vibes by day and by night; it’s all hustle and bustle. One of the most famous beaches in Bondi beach, but all the other beaches in and around Sydney is stunning. On your day trips from Sydney, you’ll discover many more areas of beautiful coastline.

Of course, the City Center is the most attractive travel destination, but there is so much more to Sydney than that. My most favorite area just outside Sydney in Manly. Manly a beachside suburb that’s just perfect for a day trip to get out of Sydney. Other amazing day trips include from Sydney include:

There are many day trips in Sydney, but I’m breaking it down with my personal favorites in this blog. These are the most incredible places you can take a day trip from Sydney easily.

Day trips from Sydney 

Day trip from Sydney to Blue Mountains National park 

To reach the Blue Mountains, I booked a private tour to Blue Mountains from Sydney. I took a day to visit gobsmacking lookouts in Blue Mountains like the Echo Point and wandering along tracks that boast indigenous history. I highly recommended the scenic loop of the Grand Canyon track. My guide took me near the Blackheath to see world heritage-listed Blue Mountains waterfalls, sandstone walls, Blue Mountains native birds, and native plants. You can also soak yourself in the vibrant shades of flora found in the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in Mount Tomah. When you take a day trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains, don’t forget to sneak into the Glow Worm Tunnel in Lithgow. The bioluminescent glow of fungus gnats covers the ceilings and walls, and the view is stunning. You can also relax for a bit at the Echoes Day Spa for facials, spas, body massages, soak therapies and body wraps, etc.

Day trip from Sydney to Blue Mountains

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How to get to Blue Mountains National Park

  • By Car: Almost 1 hour from Sydney CBD via M4 and Great Western Hwy/ A432
  • Train: You can catch the Blue Mountain line train from Central Katoomba
  • By Bus: From Katoomba, you can take bus no 686 to Echo Point for the lookout.
  • By guided day tour: Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney, Australia

Wine tasting day trip to Hunter Valley 

Did you know the Hunter Valley is also known as NSW’s wine country? Yes, this place is a bit on the pricey side, but it is a gem for exploring. I went there primarily to taste the wine, but we came across this beautiful café, Café Enzo, upon exploring. For your day trip to Sydney, I highly recommend eating at Cafe Enzo and going on a DIY wine tasting tour. Also, don’t forget to visit the Hunter Valley Gardens for a fantastic family day out. The place’s got a couple of fairground rides too.

Wine tasting day trip to Hunter Valley

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How to get to Hunter Valley

  • By Car: It’s a 2 hour 30 minute drive from Sydney via Pacific Mwy
  • Bus: Public transport is not available, but there are loads of tours to Hunter Valley from Sydney.
  • By a day tour: Hunter Valley wine tasting tours from Sydney

Visit Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park 

On my day trip from Sydney to the Ku-ring-gain chase National Park, I discovered deep-rooted history and picturesque landscapes, and you will too! I got to see the stunning beauty of the Pittwater to the Central Coast from the sandstone viewing area at West Head Lookout. Upon taking a short walk through the bush, I found some Indigenous sites on the Aboriginal Heritage walk. These include the viewings of historic rock engravings and some exquisite handprints made by the Guringai people. There are also many waterways in the park, like the Hawkesbury River, Pittwater, and Cowan Water. I also witnessed numerous creeks and coves to explore. If you want to see them yourself, hire a paddleboat from the Bobbin Inn.

More infoDay trip to Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park from Sydney

How to get to the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

  • By car: About 50 minute drive from Sydney CBD. Take the route of Pacific Hwy and A1
  • Day tour with a guide: contact Sydney Top Tours

Royal National Park 

The Royal National Park is the best place to visit for nature enthusiasts. There are endless possibilities for the explorers and the sight-seekers who eagerly want to connect with nature. I trekked the expansive coastal cliffs, and I also walked through the eucalyptus bushlands. I also had the privilege to swim under the waterfalls in Wattamolla and paddle down the Hacking River. You can easily hire a canoe from the Audley Boatshed. I caught a glimpse of whales migrating north for the winter. If you plan your day trip from Sydney between May and November, you can also see the whales migrating. You can also cycle the 10 km Loftus Loop Trail. I highly recommend a tour to the Ironbark Flat or Wattle Forest afterward and have a picnic or lunch scene there with friends or family.

Figure 8 pool Royal National Park Sydney

How to get to the Royal National Park

  • By car: About an hour from Sydney CBD. The route is Princes Hwy and the M1 or you can reach there by M5 too.
  • By train: you can take a train from Central to Otford, which takes just an hour
  • Guided tour: Book a Southern Highland Tour from Sydney

Day trip to Kangaroo Valley  

I was looking for an escape to the countryside, so I ended up in the Kangaroo Valley. I went for wine tasting at the Yarrawa Estate Winery, and I tasted samples from locally made jams. If you are traveling with family, I know a place the kids are going to love. The Kayaking down Kangaroo River or the horse riding through the rainforest and grazing lands are the places the kids will love. And if you are an art fancier like I, go and admire the Victorian architecture of the Hampden Bridge or even the bushland views from Mannings lookout. For a wide range of hands-on classes in gourmet cooking, soap-making, and gardening and the art of high tea, etc., head to the Flavors of the Valley Foodie Trail.

Victorian architecture of the Hampden Bridge

How to get to the Kangaroo Valley

  • By car: About two hours and ten minutes away from Sydney CBD via Hume Motorway / M31.
  • Hire a Sydney guide

Manly beach

When I took a day trip from Sydney to Manly, I found out that it usually sits beneath the likes of Bondi and Coogee. You can most definitely have a day adventure to Manly if I would recommend staying a little longer. I spent a week in Manly and concluded that this is my favorite place in Australia. Manly will give you the laid-back vibe, thanks to the surfy beach of Byron Bay and an easy-to-grasp dose of adrenaline from city life. Don’t forget to watch the sunrise on the main beach. Also, grab yourself a coffee and sit on the wall that runs along the beachfront. Aside from the main beach in Manly, which is a sight in itself, you should check out the Spit to Manly walk, have dinner at Sunset Sabi and go to Shelley Beach.

How to get to Manly

  • By car: About 30 minute drive from Sydney CBD
  • Ferry ride: About 18- 40 minutes ferry from Wharf 2 Circular Quay
  • Catch a train: Take a train from Circular Quay, which will take about 20 minutes, and then swap onto the ferry
  • Hire a Sydney guide

Surfing at Bondi Beach  

Bondi Beach is Australia’s one of the most popular beach destinations. On my day trip from Sydney, I saw the beach framed with a beautiful sandstone peninsula. This beach is one of the finest places to visit in Sydney for walking, whale watching, golfing, and surfing. The promenade around the beach is flooded with shops with fashionable beachwear. The beach also has places to stay, ranging from hostels to trendy apartments. Surfing is a must-try when visiting Bondi Beach. The iconic curly waves here make surfing a fun experience. Other than surfing, there are many fun-filled fun sports and activities such as ocean pool, snorkeling, etc.

How to get to Bondi Beach

  • By car: About 20 minutes from Sydney CBD

Port Stephens 

Port Stephens offers adventure and scenic views that make it worth the time for your day trip from Sydney. You can take a camel ride at Oakfield Ranch or dive in for a snorkel with dolphins like I did. The outdoor rock climbing at Port Stephens’ sea cliffs will unleash the adventure junkie in you when you reach unimaginable heights overlooking the ocean, slapping the rocky shore.

Port Stephens dolphin watching

How to get to Port Stephens

Jenolan Caves  

Located in the Blue Mountains, the Jenolan caves are a must-see place for you. It is an award-winning magical escape for all types of visitors. The Jenolan caves will completely blow your mind. The Jenolan caves will enthrall you with their charms, be it 11 spectacular caves or the containing pure underground rivers and even astonishing limestone formations. My day trip from Sydney to Jenolan Caves included walking through the underground maze of tunnels, the natural caverns beneath the surface, and the underground rivers. I enjoyed a delicious lunch at one of the Jenolan Caves dining options after returning to the surface. You can go sightseeing, walking, wildlife spotting, and check out some excellent viewing points in and around the Jenolan caves.

Day trips from Sydney Australia

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How to get to Jenolan Caves

Jervis Bay & Shoalhaven  

Jervis Bay is one of the most stunning beach towns you’ll find near Sydney.

This beach is the world’s whitest sand beach, and I highly recommend you to go on the White Sands Walk. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coastal walks in Australia. The track is pretty quiet, and it’s a lovely flat. That means, if you are traveling with family, you can take your kids along as well. There is car parking throughout the walk so starting from various points is convenient too. Jervis Bay is a fantastic day trip from Sydney. It will surely keep you coming back.

How to get to Jervis Bay and Shoalhaven

  • By Car: About 3 hour drive Sydney CBD.
  • Hire a private guide: contact Sydney Tours

Day trip to Lithgow  

Located in Lithgow’s Valley, Lithgow is on the Great Western Highway. Lithgow is surrounded by a varied landscape, including national parks, like the Blue Mountains National Park, a World Heritage Area. The Wollemi National Park in Lithgow is home to the Jurassic-age tree, the Wollemi Pine. This city is considered the first proper country town of West Sydney, and it sits on the western edge of the sandstone. I visited the old mining hamlet of Vale of Clywydd and Oakey Park, a famous iron and steel village. Make from to include Lithgow in your list of day trips from Sydney to have a fun time around and rediscover your tastes and interests.

Lithgow, blue Mountains

How to get to Lithgow

Day trip to Central Coast  

One of the most charming corners of Australia is that of the Central Coast. It is framed for its community of hungry pelicans, but there is a public feeding of the local ‘scoop.’ The scoops begin at 3.30 pm every day, attracting over 50 hungry birds. If you enjoy the outdoors, you should spend a day out here and keep one foot planted in civilization at the same time. The town has cafés and restaurants in abundance if you want to retreat yourself. There is a 12-km shared trail along the lake for you if you are a keen cyclist. It will spoil you with beautiful views, and just north of the entrance, you’ll find several easily manageable bushwalking tracks along the Wyrrabalong National Park. Head to Tuggerah Beach if you want to enjoy the golden sands lapped by ocean waves.

Central Coast

How to get to Central Coast

  • By car: About 1 hour 30 minutes from Sydney CBD.

Day trip from Sydney to Canberra  

I recommend taking a full-day trip from Sydney to explore Canberra. Canberra is the fascinating capital city of Australia. On my guided tour to the capital city, I went to the Australian War Memorial, the Parliament House, the National Museum, the Lodge, and the prime minister’s home. Don’t forget to stop in the quaint town of Sutton Forest and take pictures from Mt Ainslie when you approach Canberra.

Day tours from Sydney to Canberra

How to get to Canberra

Day trip to Cockatoo Island  

How to get to Cockatoo Island

  • By car: About 30 minutes from Sydney CBD

Are you still looking for the best day trips from Sydney? Whether you’re looking for new places to visit in and around Sydney or just looking to get out of the city, we’re here to help you. Contact Sydney Top Tours for all your guided day tour arrangements in Sydney, Australia.

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