Kangaroo Valley NSW (a perfect getaway from Sydney!)


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Where is Kangaroo Valley NSW?

If you are wondering ‘what’s on in Sydney’ and don’t mind a bit of a drive, the Kangaroo Valley NSW should be your next destination to visit. Kangaroo Valley NSW offers everything and most suits travelers looking for a relaxed and less traveled destination from Sydney. Many travelers asked what are the things to do in Kangaroo Valley? It’s an endless list and a few highlights these. It is beautiful countryside you can immerse yourself with lush green. Why not try local foods like the best meat pies and do a few outdoor activities such as kayaking. In addition, there are a couple of boutique wineries that you can book for wine tasting.

A drive to Kangaroo Valley NSW is considerably easy and advisable to use the M31. A two-hour drive from Sydney and Canberra will have you in the centre of the Kangaroo Valley. The Kangaroo Valley NSW is home to many sparkly rivers, farms and enchanted wilderness.

What is Kangaroo Valley famous for?

Kangaroo River

The Kangaroo river is one of the famous attractions in Kangaroo Valley. Not only its sparkling clear water but also offers options like kayak down it through the trees and bends it is a very popular tourist spot. There are plenty of parks and campgrounds nearby. So, you can set up for the day or overnight to experience the area to the fullest.

There is the option to do a day tour to Southern Highlands from Sydney which takes you through all the exciting and popular spots around the valley. Stopping for lunch and shopping whilst finding out interesting facts about the different places and the history of the town which dates back to the 1800’s.

Hampden Bridge, Kangaroo Valley
Hampden Bridge, Kangaroo Valley (Picture by Black Diamond images)

Fitzroy Falls

Only a 20 minute drive from Kangaroo Valley will see you in Fitzroy Falls. It is the perfect place to visit if you want to achieve bushwalking. Not to mention, bird watching and lounging around at the local country cafes. The town has an award-winning information center. It provides invaluable information about the heritage of the area, the aboriginal history of the land, and information about what not to miss whilst in the area.

fitzroy falls kangaroo valley

The wildlife thrives in the Valley and you are sure to come across a kangaroo, koala or two on your visit. Mostly, you can spot Kangaroos in the wild at the golf course. Bendeela camper groups close to the Hampden bridge is the best place to spot lonely wombats. Not to mention, those species are nocturnal and you need an early start to spot them.

When camping in the camping grounds the wildlife run free and you never know. You might get a visitor or two at your late-night campfire.

Can you see kangaroos in Kangaroo Valley?

Yes, definitely! If you are driving pass the pie shop (Old Barrengarry) and the Hampden bridge, take the 2nd right to the Mount Scanzi Rd. Or the Tallowa Dam road. Drive around 10 mins where you will see the Kangaroo Valley Gold and Country Retreat on the left-hand side. The perfectly manicured green golf course is a perfect area to spot wild kangaroos.  And occasionally some wombats too.

Kangaroos in Kangaroo Valley
Kangaroos in Kangaroo Valley (Photo by Siver Cabin)

Festivals in Kangaroo Valley

There are festivals and markets throughout the year which showcase the area and its local produce. Wineries and olive farms are popular in the area and you can sample the products before buying your favourite ones. Some of the interesting festivals are craft beer & BBQ festival, Arts festival, Folk festival, and Valley cheesemakers festival. For the latest updates, please check the visitkangaroovalley website.

Kangaroo Valley getaways & accommodation

There are many accommodation options are available in this area. These vary from start class hotels, Airbnb, caravan parks, and glamping. An assortment of hotels and campgrounds are located in and around the town and cater to various budgets. It is a beautiful area that if possible, should be seen over numerous days.

Kangaroo Valley Glamping
Kangaroo Valley Glamping (Image credits – TripAdvisor)

Book in and relax for a few days. Kangaroo valley bush retreat is one of the best glamping sites located in this area. Away from Sydney’s busy lifestyle and stay over a weekend at a Kangaroo Valley glamping site is a perfect getaway. Not to miss, and Kangaroo Valley Gold & Country resort is one of our best choices to spend a weekend too. A perfect country retreat located close to the city center. This is one of the best spots to see kangaroos in the wild. Occasionally will be able to spot wombats in the wild too.

Kangaroo Valley Golf club

What are the other attractions near to Kangaroo Valley?

On your way down to Kangaroo Valley, a shortstop in Wollongong and Kiama should be added to your itinerary. Wollongong is home to beautiful sandy beaches perfect for swimming, surfing, and playing in the sand with the whole family. Kiama Blowhole is another must-see.

The blowhole is the largest in the world! And it is only a short drive from Sydney. In certain conditions the blowhole can blow up to 25 metres high and if you are one of the lucky (or unlucky) ones you can become drenched in the seawater. The view is magnificent and makes for some great photos.

What to do in Kangaroo Valley

Between the Kangaroo Valley, Wollongong and Kiama you have an assortment of activities to complete. Hiking, bushwalking, kayaking, winery visits to name a few. If you are a fan of wine, you can book a South coast winery tour from Sydney other than a Hunter Valley wine tour. For those who are less active or want a more relaxing trip, you can visit the local wineries, shops, and market stalls. There are heritage buildings that showcase amazing architecture and the history of the areas is beautiful and interesting to learn about. On your way to Kangaroo valley, we recommend stopping at Symbio wildlife park for a Koala cuddle experience.

Kangaroo Valley Tours from Sydney

All this can be done in a personal drive or booked through a Sydney private tour. Private tours can take you down through Wollongong, Kiama and finishing up in the Kangaroo Valley; providing you with special sites to see, information and facts about the areas and then a relaxing and smooth drive home.

Which activity is top of your list when you visit the Kangaroo Valley? Our article on Kangaroo Valley NSW is over now, perhaps you want to book a private tour from Sydney to Kangaroo Valley and South Coast? Head to Sydney Top Tours page and book your favourite Sydney day tour.