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Port Stephens Sandboarding Day Tour | A guide to select the best Port Stephens tour

Why you should select a Port Stephens sandboarding day tour?

Dive into the world of humpback whales and bottle-nosed dolphins during a Port Stephens tour from Sydney. A Port Stephens sandboarding tour pass through the Northern Suburbs and across the Hawkesbury River. Discover the white sand beaches, the dunes and the seaside town of Nelson Bay. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for an optional 4WD tour or sandboarding experience on the sand dunes of Stockton Beach.

Things to do in Port Stephens sandboarding tour

Port Stephens dolphin watching

It is highly recommended to watch dolphins before you go for a Port Stephens sandboarding tour at Anna Bay. The coastal line of Port Stephens is the house for over 120 resident bottlenose dolphins. This makes Port Stephens as one the most visited places in Sydney and travelers want to catch a glimpse of the dolphins playfully going about their day to day lives. As of aboriginal culture, elders of Worimi would able to speak to dolphins to find food sources. You will find a variety of different departure times for dolphin tours from Nelson Bay. The price ranges from 20 to 35 $ and each tour give various options such as waterslides and boom nets.

Quad biking Port Stephens

Quad biking adventure is one of the adrenalin pumping activity you can do on a Port Stephens day trip. A ride promises lifetime experiences at Port Stephens Stockton Dunes. Anyone taking a Port Stephens tour from Sydney is highly advisable to contact one of quad bike operators in Nelson bay area to arrange a sand dune quad activity. Usually, these quad bike tours at Port Stephens are cost in between 100 to 150 $.

Quad biking Port Stephens

Port Stephens sand dunes tour

Port Stephens sandboarding is a must do an activity on your day tour from Sydney. The sand dunes at Port Stephens are the largest coastal dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. You will find sand dunes over 30 metres with slopes of up to 60 degrees. A purpose built 4wd is necessary to explore these sand dunes without getting stuck in. You will find a number of sand dune tour operators at the Anna bay and most of them offer fun flown sand activities. The prices are vary based on either you wanted to jump into a group or hire a private tour.

Port Stephens brewery tasting

Anyone on a Port Stephens tour from Sydney won’t forget to stop at Murray brewery on their way. Murray is one of Australia’s leading craft beer brewery based in Port Stephens.  It is not only a house for highly rated beer, but also for wines and one of the best pub restaurants in the area.

Port Stephens camel ride

port stephens day tour

Camel riding at Birubi beach, Anna bay is another activity available to you before you get into Port Stephens sandboarding experience. Both sand boarding and camel tours depart from Anna bay that makes you choose depends on the availability.

Spot wild kangaroos on Port Stephens tour

Port Stephens golf club is one of the best places to spot wild kangaroos. However, if you are on a bus to Port Stephens, this may be not the option for you and buses stay on a pre-planned travel itinerary. Read our blog of Wild Kangaroo Spotting in Sydney for further info.

Best lookouts in Nelson Bay

Tomaree head summit walk lookout

You will be mesmerized with the views of Tomaree head on Port Stephens day trip. A 161m above the sea level hike offers unparallel views of Cabbage Tree, Yacaaba head, Broughton and Boondelbah islands.

Gan Gan lookout

Things to do in Nelson Bay

With the height of 160 metres, this is the easiest accessible lookout on a Port Stephens tour. Gan Gan lookout gives you most spectacular views on the coast and most visited lookout at the Port Stephens.

Inner light tea room lookout

Inner light tea room is one of the top places to enjoy an afternoon tea having the panoramic views of Port Stephens.  The gold coin donation maritime museum and old lighthouse gate keeper’s cottage are some of the highlights here. Currently, this is the home for local Marine Rescue radio base too.

Port Stephens tour packages from Sydney

Port Stephens Sand Boarding

You will find many day trips departs from Sydney to Nelson Bay and offer a number of Port Stephens tour packages. However, the choice is you to go on your travel style. If your budget is limited, your options are to join with a large bus Port Stephens Sandboarding tour that can cost around 150 $. However, you can find a private guide from Sydney who may offer flexible Port Stephens tour packages including a private guide.

Port Stephens sandboarding tour tips


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