How to choose the perfect Private Tour Guide for your Next Trip?


If you are passionate about getting a private and authentic experience, you may opt to find a private tour guide for your next vacation. However, you need to select the right person from the chosen destination to host your once in life experience. You may end up in a bad situation choosing a person you barely understand. Thee are many reviews mentioned travellers had horrific experiences of their bad tour guide. Your aim should be to find the best guide from a chosen destination for your desired tour. This can create pleasant experiences and lifetime memories. Below is a complete article was written based on selecting a perfect private tour guide for your next vacation.

Characteristics of a perfect private tour guide


Punctuality is one way to measure the professionalism of a tour guide. Professionalism is one of the main important characteristics of a private tour guide. A good guide has a perfect grasp of time. They will plan to pick up time for a tour and advice travellers in advanced. Drop off time also pivotal same as the pickup time if you have important thing arranged after the tour. Hence, a good guide not only is punctual and would complete a tour on time.

Another great characteristic of a tour guide in the organisation of itinerary. You as a traveller trust your private guide to organise the tour and hoping they with taking care of all logistics. These could be location specifics, length, required gears for the tour such as closed shoes, and specific rules applies to certain tours. A well organises tour guide will take an extra mile to inform of all of these in advance and guide you.  

Finally, a good guide will have sensitivity for group needs. The tour guide will make sure he or she will listen to all in the group and make all steps to please them as the best he or she can.


We have seen many private tour guides over time and claimed they are the best. But if you don’t know your stuff then you’ll lose your audience. You need to find a person who offers tour guiding as a passion. There are many guides, but it’s a job for them. Hardly these guides won’t make you exceptional tour experiences, instead, they count their hours spend with you.

Responsible travelling and tour guiding

Sustainability and responsible travelling are a couple of bussing words. Stop and think twice! How many private tour guides understand responsible tour guiding? Do they respect the people, culture, and the environment you’re visiting? If its wildlife tour, check the tour guide use low impact methods to interact with wild animals or use wildlife to entertain humans. Evaluate the benefits the tour guide offers to local communities. Lastly, any measures taken by those private guides to reduce environmental impacts. These can be the use of reusable packaging instead of single-use carrier bags.

Sydney Private Tour Guide

Read reviews before you select a guide

Online is the best way to explore tour guide reviews and find previous travellers’ opinions. There are many online review sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. However, you need to consider the credibility of these sites as well before you take it grant. Some recent articles indicated most of the reviews on TripAdvisor are fake or fabricated. In 2018, Meriton suits in Sydney fined for $3 million for interfering TripAdvisor reviews ( ABC news). Therefore, do your research in multiple review sites. It’s not advisable to wait for the last minute to find a private tour guide from the particular destination. This could lead to a disaster. You may try to rush trip planning at the last minute and may miss a most recent negative review of the selected tour guide.

Personal requirements of a tour guide

In conclusion, our advice is to select a mature, and patient private tour guide who accepts responsibility. Secondly, look whether they are ready to accept and understand cultural differences. Good organisational skills, general knowledge of the area, and excellent knowledge of the tour on offer is a must. Logical thinking, communication, and negotiation also need to consider when you select a private tour guide for your next vacation. If you are in Sydney and seeking a Sydney day tour with a private guide, contact Sydney Top Tours to arrange all your trip itineraries.