Why hire a bespoke tour company in Sydney?

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Sydney Bus Tours vs Sydney Private Tours – what to book?

Even if you’ve never traveled with a private guide before or book a luxury private tour, it’s worth considering it when you come to Sydney. Read on the advantages of booking a Sydney private tour. 

There is no place in the world like Sydney. That’s what makes it such an incredible place to visit but it’s also the reason why some visitors have a bit of a culture shock when they arrive! Even the most seasoned travelers can struggle when they get here which is why so many people choose a personalized tour with a private guide. Here are our (Sydney Top Tours) top reasons ‘why you should book a luxury private tour in Sydney.

A Private tour from Sydney like Sydney Top Tours are usually tailored to customer interests and offer bespoke luxury experiences. The key thing is that you should never have to go to an attraction, even less a shop stop, that you do not want to visit. None of your time should be wasted on undesirable experiences. Private tours are customizable, so you can indulge your interests and discover more about the best Sydney attractions. A private guide could help with a personalized itinerary suit your desire.

On the other hand, your option is to book a cookie-cutter Sydney tour. These tours have fixed itineraries and mostly you will miss the best attractions as those big bus tours could not reach less travelled routes. 

Relaxed experience vs rushed schedule

On a luxury private tour of Sydney, you can 100% control the pace and timings, with no time wasted waiting for anybody else. A private tour will pick you up from a Sydney hotel, Airbnb, or terminal and take the best route avoiding the traffic. Private tours are particularly suitable for families with young children and those who are used to doing things at their own pace, whether faster or slower than average.

On the hand, much of your valuable time in Sydney will be wasted in waiting for others if you have chosen a coach tour. Consider, driving around in Sydney in the morning when traffic is jam-packed? And picking up travellers from many hotels will eat up your valuable time in Sydney. And it will repeat again at the end of the tour and you will have remained on the bus forever while the driver circling in busy Sydney to drop other customers.

Sydney private tours: cheaper than group tours

When it comes to private tours, many travellers assume it is the most expensive way of travel. That’s a subjective view and not quite right always. Here are a few scenarios.

Scenario 1 – Blue Mountains Private day tour

Blue Mountains tours are the most popular day tour from Sydney. And tour price of a large bus tour ranges from 160$ to 200$ per person including Featherdale wildlife park entry. The statistics have shown that most travellers to Sydney travel in small groups of 3 to 5. So, a group of 4 costs almost 800$ for a large bus day trip to Blue Mountains, however, you could easily book a Blue Mountains private tour for just over 800$. And the remaining 100$ is the entry to the wildlife park. Isn’t that a winning option?

private tour in Sydney

Scenario 2 – Hunter Valley private day tour

Hunter Valley is the next popular destination for Sydney travelers. A bus tour to Hunter Valley costs almost 200$ per person and most of the boutique wineries do not allow bus tours for tasting. On the other hand, you can reserve a Hunter Valley wine tour with a private guide for approx $900 from Sydney. A private guide, luxury van, and entry to boutique wineries all included for 800$ and if you are a group of 5, isn’t that a winning?

Why Choose a Private tour with Sydney Top Tours

  • Our luxury private tours are handcrafted and tailor-made to offer you the best possible experience in Sydney.
  • Opposite from group tours, a luxury private tour with Sydney Top Tours offers you the chance to choose your own times and amend the itinerary anyway you want, based on your needs and preferences. You can also stop the tour or change its itinerary on the route, if and when you see something you like and wish to explore more.
  • We pick you up from your hotel, Airbnb, cruise ship, or airport and will drop you off at the end of the tour.
  • Our full-day and half-day Sydney luxury private guided tours give you the chance to enjoy in just one day what you would otherwise see in three or more days.
  • We only use luxury, safe and comfortable vehicles, equipped with the latest technology.
  • We offer a peace of mind cancellation policy. 100% refund offered if you cancel your private day tour before 24 hours of the departure time.
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