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Layover in Sydney? What to do? Are there any layover tours in Sydney that show the best sights? Where can I store bags during a layover? We have answered all!

Sydney is one of the busiest airports in Australia and the world. There are many connecting flights passes Sydney and many other parts of the world. Imagine you have booked a vacation to another destination, but end up having a long layover in Sydney? The first question that will come to your mind “What can I do on my Sydney layover”? If you do not hold a powerful passport, you may encounter the question of “can I leave the airport during a layover in Sydney”? Or maybe do I need a VISA for a layover in Sydney? At Sydney airport, you could be stuck for a short or a longer layover. Some layovers shorter than 4 hours and some can be 6 hours or more. Why not enjoy the layover by organizing a Sydney layover tour to see best Sydney sights?  

Here is our guide from Sydney Top Tours if you’re wondering what to do during a Sydney airport layover…

Can you leave the airport during a layover in Sydney?

You will have to check ahead of time to see if you’ll need a visa to enter Sydney, Australia. Check with your country to see what your entry requirement is into your layover. Some require visas, even for very short visits, while others don’t. In addition, in certain countries, you can pay for the visa when you arrive, but many destinations need to be planned ahead of arrival.  Generally, if you hold a powerful passport, entry to Sydney during a layover has high chances. However, our advice is to check this with your Australian VISA consultant or country embassy before planners anything.

Sydney Layover tours

Luggage storage at Sydney airport

You’ll be able to store your luggage at the Sydney airport, but it isn’t exactly cheap, so consider checking your bags if you’re planning for some city strolling. Baggage Storage company offers storage options at Sydney airport. Located at Terminal 1, this company offers storage, lockers, strapping and you can buy some luggage accessories. A carry-on luggage cost approximately 12 $ and a large case cost 14$ (subject to change) for 6-hour layover storage. Our best advice to book them in advance via an online gateway or give them a call on +61 296670926. And it is a peace of mind if you have decided to head to the city. There won’t be bus tours running from the airport and we recommend to book a private sightseeing tour to Sydney if you have more than 3-hour transit.

Book a Sydney layover tour

After you store your luggage, its time to head into the city or arrange Sydney Layover tour. If you have decided to catch the Airport link to the city centre, you have plenty of options to check out. If it’s the day time, you can enjoy the beautiful shore views of Darling harbour while having a delicious lunch at Cockle bay. Something more authentic and need to see history? Your options are The Rocks. The shadow of Sydney Harbour Bridge and area is popular for artisan markets, pubs, and best restaurants. Not your thing? Mmm… Why not catch a ferry from circular quay to Watson’s bay. A popular harborside on eastern suburbs of Sydney with beautiful beaches, restaurants and coastal walks.

Kangaroo spotting Sydney

Other options for a Sydney layover are to arrange a half-day tour to Featherdale wildlife park to see native Australia animals or a short trip to La Perouse. Le Perouse is a south-eastern suburb and closer to Sydney airport. La Perouse is famous for history. It’s the place where Captain Phillip’s first fleet initially landed in 1788. Not only history, options to learn about local living by an indigenous person or eat great seafood for lunch.

La Perouse, Sydney

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