A guide to choosing the best night photography spots on a Sydney night tour


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Taking a Sydney night tour to capture the best night photography spots is one of the popular tourist activities in Sydney. Sydney is an awesome city at night. Sydneysiders enjoy nightlights lights, music, noise, and vibrant culture at its best during the night, especially when mega-events around. However, it could be hard for a first-time traveller to seek what are the best Sydney attractions and photography spots to capture Sydney at night. Further, you have to think about logistics. How to carry heavy camera gear from one point to another if you do not arrange a night tour with a Sydney private guide. Finally, safety concerns when commuting in Sydney as a stranger. Below are our tips to find the best Sydney night photography spots, private guides, and safety.

Best Sydney night photography spots

Opera House, Sydney  

Sydney opera house is undoubtedly the most visited place in Sydney by tourists and locals.  Probably the most famous monument captured by photographers around the world. A late afternoon or early evening is the best time to capture the sun reflecting the sails of the Opera house. However, you will struggle to get an unobstructed photo due to the popularity of the site during day and night.  

Observatory Sydney night photography tour

In our view, taking a tour to Sydney Observatory hill is the second-best spot to capture a great photo of Sydney at night.  It’s a million-dollar view offered free to the public. We highly recommend taking an Observatory Sydney night photography tour irrespective how many times you have travelled to Sydney. Observatory hill offers sweeping, panoramic views of Sydney harbour bridge without about obstructions. If you are travelling on solo, you can reach here by Kent street and use of Agar steps. However, we highly advise you to arrange a Sydney night photographic tour and the guide will be able to assist you in terms of carrying heavy camera gears on Agar steps to Sydney Observatory.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is our third suggestion to capture a vibrant night photograph of Sydney. Probably the only place to capture Sydney Opera house, harbour bridge, and bay into a one-frame. In comparison to Opera house, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair point won’t attract much crowd during the evening. Hence, you will be able to capture unobstructed night photographs.

Darling harbour

A perfect destination for a Sydney night tour and enjoy the delicious waterside dining. But many have forgotten that Darling Harbour is one of the popular places in Sydney offers plenty of angles for Sydney night photography.

Chinatown alleyways

Our nest suggestion to capture a great night photo of Sydney is Chinatown Alleyways. In between Two World is one of the best spots captured by many Sydney night photographers due to its colourful neon lighting.  

Tips to capture the best night photography

Use a sturdy tripod

As night photography needs longer exposure, we advise you to carry a tripod. However, consider how heavy is it and would you be able to carry it by yourself without any support. The options are to get a carbon fiber tripod or arrange a Sydney night tour so the guide can help you with logistics.

Master in manual focusing

If you are a professional photographer, you know what we are talking about. But if you are a novice photographer for low lighting, do your search on night photography before you arrange a night tour.

Change shutter speeds

It’s about creating those light streaks and dreamy landscapes at night. Use settings around the exposure in between 10 to 30 if you have a new version of DSLR and see the differences.

Use the lowest ISO where possible

It all depends on what sort of camera you have in your hand for Sydney night photography. As you may be knowing now, you wanted to reduce the noise pf the photos taken by you. We advise you to test your camera with low light setting and play with different ISO levels before you head out with a Sydney night tour to capture night photos.

Finally, we advise you to familiar with RAW shooting modes and Bulb modes if you have a modern DSLR camera.

Safety tips on a Sydney night photography tour

Dress appropriately – Always advise to check the weather conditions and dress accordingly. Except for the summer months, always carry a rain-resistant jacket.

Travel light – Try to avoid heavy camera gears. Carrying an expensive DSLR and heavy tripod is not always feasible on some of Sydney night photography spots.

Sydney night photography

Hidden alleyways  – Sydney is a very safe city in comparison to other main cities of the world. However, we advise you to take care if you are not using a guided tour from Sydney. Especially take caution when entering areas when not highly populated or hidden alleyways.

Night photography tools

Keimig & Martin in their book of night photography mentioned a reputable flash with filter holder, coloured filters for flash, digital timer for film shooters, and remote release with timer is essential tools for night photography. Further, if you are planning to take a Sydney night photography tour, we suggest you take a hotel shower cap, lens shade clip, and chemical hand warmers as well.

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