A Complete Guide To Spot & See Native Australian Wildlife in Sydney


What kind of native wildlife to see from Sydney tours?

Australia is famous for its native wildlife and Kangaroo, Koala, Emu, Cassowary, and Lyrebird are names of a few. When it comes to cosmopolitan Sydney, certainly it’s a question mark for many overseas travelers who offer Sydney private tours to spot wildlife in their natural habitat. Some travelers are uncertain of what are the native Australian wildlife can see in Sydney. Consequently, where to spot native Australian animals in their natural habitat close to Sydney CBD. Hence, this is a complete guide to see native Australian wild animals see on your visit to Sydney.

Australian wildlife and important facts

There are few birds and marsupials native to Australia that can be easily seen in the bush or in manmade wildlife parks near Sydney. Before we move further, let’s learn some important facts about native Australia wildlife.


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Many don’t know that the kangaroo name derives from ‘Gangurru’, which used by Guuga Yimithirr people. Do you know that kangaroos can’t move backward? Yes! They can move forward only. This explains why the Australian coat of arms uses Kangaroo in their shield and explains move forward only. Kangaroos are must-see native species. we have given some tips on where to spot them in wild on a Sydney day trip.

eastern Grey kangaroos


“No drink” is the mean of Koala in Aboriginal language explains their eating habits. These famous animals are fussy when it comes to eating. They eat over half of kilo of gum leaves and sleep over 18 hours.


The duck’s bill and webbed feet are unique to Platypus. A rare mammal to spot in wild and experts warns these face extinction.

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Hairy-nosed wombats are another native wild animal categorized under endangered species by the government. A nocturnal species who looks like a cross between a bear and a pig.


One kind of mimic bird who has the ability to imitate most complex sounds. Lyrebird is spectacular with the tail of fanned feathers and easy to spot native wildlife species on a tour from Sydney. This explains why they called lyre represents the lyre music instrument from ancient Greece.

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Famous of its laugh, but the laugh is actually cackling to warn others. Usually, Kookaburras native to gum forests and feed mostly insects and worms. Kookaburras are a common bird to see on a Blue Mountains tour.

Next, are some of the wildlife parks near Sydney and important info of those.

Sydney wildlife parks

Taronga zoo

It stands out from other wildlife parks and it is famous among travelers. Taronga zoo is not only home for native Australian wildlife and exotic animals. Further, its home for other animals also can be found around the world. The collection is over 4,000 animals and worth every penny for a visit. A 12-minute ferry ride from circular quay to Taronga makes you one of the best day trips. Sky Safari is one of the highlights for families with kids who visits Taronga.  


A 7-acre plot started as a poultry farm turned to be one of the must-visit wildlife parks near Sydney. The Featherdale located inner Western Sydney and a usual tour from Sydney to this wildlife park take 45 mins via M4 to reach. The finest Sydney attraction famous for Koala encounters and no one leaves Featherdale wildlife park without patting a Koala.

Walkabout wildlife sanctuary

What a great survivor! The battle took over 12 years with the park management and government to save this iconic wildlife sanctuary. The battle started when the NSW government wants to sell a close by the sand quarry to a contractor. Eventually, the persistence of private owners of the Walkabout wildlife park finally won the case in 2015 their favor. The park is an iconic place to visit who wants to learn the rich culture had by Darkinjung and Guringai Aboriginal people. On a day trip to Hunter Valley from Sydney, exit from M1 after Calga with a very short drive you can visit this park.

Australian reptile park

A hands-on zoo located in a natural bush setting on the Central Coast of NSW. A tour to the Australian reptile park from Sydney gives you the change of seeing live shows. These live shows include spider milking, venom show, and crocodile feeding.

Frilled neck lizard

SEA LIFE Sydney aquarium

A short trip to Darling harbor opens the doors to see the world’s largest variety of sharks and rays. Other highlights include dugong and tropical reef fish.

Places to spot wildlife in native habitat

Where can we see wild Kangaroos in Sydney?

Eastern Gray kangaroos are the species you can spot in and around Sydney and nearby suburbs via wildlife tour. Kalkari Discovery Centre in central coast, Euroka campground in inner west, Australian Botanic gardens in Camden, Kangaroos valley golf club in Southern highlands, and Nelson Bay golf club in Port Stephens are the best places to spot wild kangaroos around Sydney. For further information on spotting wild kangaroos, read our blog of “Where to see Kangaroos near Sydney”.

Australia native Wildlife


As mentioned earlier, wombats are nocturnal and very hard to spot in the wild. However, a wildlife spotting day tour to Bendeela camping ground from Sydney won’t disappoint you. Most of the time you can spot few wombats roaming around at the Bendeela camper ground. From Sydney, it is 2.5 hour drive and other than spotting wombats in wild, Kangaroo valley is the best place to go camping during summer.

Sydney wildlife tours

A native wildlife spotting day trip to Kosciuszko national park from Sydney is another way to spot wombats in the wild. Khancoban, Tumut, and Selwyn are the best places to spot wombats in the wild at this national park.


A wildlife day tour to Jenolan caves from Sydney passing the Blue Mountains is the closest to spot a platypus in wild. The Blue lake next to the entrance of the Jenolan caves is home for this rare native Australian mammal. The drive to Jenolan caves may take up to 3 hours via M2 and A32 to the inner west of Sydney.


laughing kookaburra

Spotting a kookaburra is comparatively easy compared to spotting other native wildlife on a tour from Sydney. Most of the national parks are home for laughing kookaburra. The closest to spot a kookaburra in wild is at the Euroka camper ground at the Blue Mountains National park. Other places to spot kookaburra in the wild are Berowra, Blue Gum Hills, Catti and Mount Kaputar national parks.

Where can you hold a Koala in Sydney?

A day trip to Featherdale wildlife park gives you the opportunity to pat a koala. If you wish to take a photo, you can buy a koala encounter pass at the admission.

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Tips to consider before a Sydney wildlife tours

A tour of Featherdale wildlife park gives you the opportunity to take a photo with Koala

Do not feed wild animals if you participate in any tour from Sydney

Best time to spot Kangaroos are in early morning and dusk

Platypus is usually seen in summer months

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