Where can I see Kangaroos in the wild near Sydney?


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A visit to Australia must include an adventure with Kangaroos, the country’s endemic, and the world’s largest marsupial species. Renowned for standing on two legs, hopping, and carrying baby kangaroos in a little front pouch. Kangaroos are best seen in their natural habitat in the wild and there are only a few places near Sydney to see wild Kangaroos.

The Kangaroo hop is quite legendary; reaching speeds of 60kph and a span of over 8m! With short hair, powerful hind legs, small forelimbs, large feet, and a long tail, Kangaroos are great swimmers and have exceptional hearing and eyesight. The Aboriginals of Australia consider Kangaroos to be of cultural and spiritual significance while their meat, skin, and fur are still used for food, utensils, and clothing, respectively. To answer the frequently asked question of ‘where to see kangaroos near Sydney’, Sydney Private Tours put this list from our experience.

What is special about the Kangaroo?

  • Female Kangaroo is called a ‘flyer’ or a ‘doe’
  • Male Kangaroo is called a ‘buck’ or a ‘boomer’
  • A baby Kangaroo is called ‘Joey
  • A group of Kangaroos is called a ‘mob’

There are four distinct species of Kangaroos across the vast expanse of Australia– Red Kangaroo, Western Grey Kangaroo, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, and the Antilopine Kangaroo. So, when visiting Sydney, arranging a short excursion to the rangelands of western New South Wales will increase the likelihood of spotting the famed Red Kangaroo while a visit to the western Riverina district of New South Wales will guarantee a glimpse or two; or more of the Western Grey Kangaroo. For the time constraints or those with multiple interests, here are a few places at which you can combine different activities while enjoying watching Kangaroos in the wild.

Below are the few places you could spot Kangaroos in the wild while you stay in Sydney, Australia.

Best place to see wild Kangaroos near Sydney

Nelson Bay golf club

This golf course in Port Stephens is an ideal place for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers. Situated on the border of Tomaree National Park, and developed in a natural setting, this 27-hole golf course is surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna and home to not only Kangaroos but wallabies, koalas, and native birds.

The highlight—If you are taking a day tour from Sydney to Port Stephens, ask your guide of this option of spotting wild kangaroos at this gold club.

  • Location: in the heart of Nelson Bay just walking distance from the Central Business District
  • Sydney to Nelson Bay: approx. 2 hours 30 minutes via M1
  • Address: No. 57 Dowling Street, Nelson Bay, NSW 2315, Australia
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Hunter Valley vineyards

The Hunter Valley region of New South Wales is a renowned wine country and a drive-through will ensure that you spot a few mobs of Kangaroo on the way to your destination. If you are a wine lover, or simply want to meander through a vineyard, consider visiting the many vineyards in the area.

Hunter Valley Tours
Hunter Valley (Image from Flicker)

Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan

The Botanic Gardens is one of our recommendations to see wild Kangaroos near Sydney and this garden comprised of over 400 hectares of natural woodland, stunning gardens, and open spaces making it a natural habitat for Kangaroos, other wildlife and birds. If you are planning a day trip to Southern Highlands, take a detour at Campbeltown to spot wild kangaroos at the Botanic Gardens. On arrival, take a walk around the gardens and enjoy the mobs of Kangaroos making themselves at home especially in the grassy areas. They’re a great many events and activities taking place daily, so check out what’s happening to make the most of your visit.

  • Location: in the suburb of Camden, an hour west of the Central Business District
  • Distance from Sydney: Approx. 1 hour via the Hume Motorway/M31 and the M5
  • Address: Narellan Road, Mount Annan, NSW 2567, Australia
  • Contact: Tel: +61 2 4634 7935 | Email: [email protected]

Murramarang National Park

Enjoy the splendors of nature together with fishing, walking trails, swimming, surfing, and a dense population of wild Eastern Grey Kangaroos when visiting Murramarang national park. Head towards Pretty Beach and Pebbly Beach and you will surely spot these Australian native species. With multiple accommodation options, make this a memorable wildlife visit. The best part of this is the road trip from Sydney to the park during which you will spot Kangaroos all along the south coast of the country.

Pebbly Beach Kangaroos
Pebbly Beach Kangaroos (Photo by Visit NSW)

Jenolan Caves Cottages

Combine your visit to the Jenolan caves with Kangaroo spotting. Stay in one of the eight self-contained 2-bedroom cottages nestled amidst the pristine bushland and be sure to spot Kangaroos grazing nearby.  It’s child-friendly inclusive of a children’s playground and barbeque facilities.

  • Location: Cottages are approx. 5 miles from the caves
  • Sydney to Jenolan Caves tours: Approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes via the Great Western Highway/A32 and the M4
  • Address: Jenolan Caves Road, Jenolan, NSW 2790, Australia
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Kangaroos near Sydney (Photo: Bluemts)

Kangaroo valley golf club

You can find the Kangaroo valley retreat by turning to the right if you are driving from the famous Hampden bridge.

Euroka Campground in the Blue Mountains National Park

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Euroka camper ground

If you want to combine camping and Kangaroo watching the Euroka campground is your go-to place. Euroka has five camping areas with designated car park facilities. The campground includes walk-in tents, picnic tables, barbeque facilities, and toilets, and is about a  5 to 15-meter walk from the car park. It’s a real camping experience, so you will need to take your own food, drinking and cooking water and firewood. Most of the Blue Mountains private tours stop here for a quick wildlife photography session before head to see amazing lookouts at Blue Mountains.

  • Location: Glenbrook area in Blue Mountains National Park
  • Sydney to this location: Approx. 1 hour 5 minutes via the M4
  • Address: Fern Glen Walking Track, NSW 2787, Australia
  • Contact: Tel: +61 1300 072 757

In addition, there are also many zoological gardens across Sydney where you can see resident Kangaroos of all species. However, the enjoyment of watching these magical creatures in their natural habitats is a treat not to be missed. And, while you ruminate on the excitement of your first Kangaroo sighting in Sydney, consider these adopting these good habits when in the vicinity of wildlife.

Kangaroos in wild and sustainability

  1. First, research where you want to go and make sure the parks are open to the public. For instance, at the time of writing this article, many attractions in Sydney Australia were closed due to COVID 19.
  2. Know and follow the rules and regulations of the place you are visiting.
  3. If there are designated observation/viewing areas, use them. These are for your safety and to preserve natural habitats of wildlife.
  4. Use the services of a guide, especially if it is your first visit.
  5. If you are traveling without a guide, ensure you ask locals and those responsible at the location of the dos and don’ts to ensure your time is well spent and free from hassle or danger.
  6. Make sure you know how to contact the people in charge in case of emergencies. Having a phone number is a good idea, but if you are in national parks, mobile connectivity may be a problem.
  7. Remember, as cute as Kangaroos are, they are animals with animal instincts, so don’t do anything to provoke them and keep your distance, especially if there are Joeys around.
  8. If you notice something untoward immediately report it to your guide or the people in charge.

Finally, for your ultimate Kangaroo watching private guided tour in Sydney, Contact Sydney Top Tours @ +61 498507873 or [email protected] if you want to book any day tours from Sydney.